Tobacco Free Allegheny’s goal is to ensure that all schools in Allegheny County have developed and implemented a comprehensive approach to tobacco prevention. Comprehensive tobacco prevention includes science based prevention curricula in the classroom; tobacco free school policies; help to quit smoking for students, faculty and staff; and providing opportunities to empower students to serve as peer educators and advocates for a tobacco free life.


Quitting smoking is hard because the nicotine found in cigarettes and other tobacco products is addictive. Research shows that it can take as many as 5-7 quit attempts before successfully quitting smoking. Studies also show that smokers who get help, have support from their family and friends, and who use nicotine replacement therapy products are more likely to be successful in their quit attempt.

Education & Advocacy

Tobacco Free Allegheny speaks out on tobacco issues that affect the community at large and advocates to ensure that elected officials, community leaders and the public are aware of the burden tobacco use imposes on society. TFA staff and service providers are available to speak to employer as well as community, school, or civic groups about specific tobacco related topics.

Youth Access Enforcement

Pennsylvania law makes it illegal to sell tobacco products to minors, to provide tobacco to them, or to sell individual cigarettes. Tobacco Free Allegheny is responsible for ensuring that tobacco retailers comply with the law. These efforts include education for storeowners, managers, and clerks, as well as conducting enforcement stops on all retailers each year. TFA also conducts the federally mandated SYNAR survey each summer.