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Does amazon conduct drug test?

Knowing how to pass a mouth swab drug test for Amazon can be helpful if you’re applying for a job there. Like other large corporations, Amazon conducts random drug testing on its employees. Amazon, the largest online retailer, takes hiring decisions very seriously. Pre-employment drug testing is a common practice in modern times. Amazon isn’t the only company conducting drug testing to determine if an employee or candidate is using drugs.

Those who partake in drug use cannot give their best efforts. As a result, they do not perform well, something no business wants. Since the company takes this issue very seriously, applicants for jobs at Amazon are required to pass a drug test.

This article will explain Amazon’s drug testing procedure during the hiring process. Background checks now include drug tests. The drug tests are performed in accordance with Amazon warehouse drug test policy.

What Kinds of Drug Test Done at Amazon

Applicants who passed the preliminary evaluation and have reached the last stage of the hiring process will undergo drug tests. Depending on your job, the type of test will be different. Most of the time, they prefer two types of drug testing, which are:

  1. Mouth swab drug test
  2. Urine drug test

Most Amazon employees have to take drug tests with their saliva. It is easy, quick, and saves money. Also, it’s not invasive like a blood or hair drug test. The mouth swab test uses type samples taken on the spot, so you can’t change them.

For some jobs, they might suggest urine drug tests. So, determine what kinds of tests you might have to take based on the job post. For example, a Mouth Swab Drug Test is one of the most common tests.

Are Amazon Drug Tests Supervised or Private?

Typically, Amazon does a saliva drug test. These tests will be supervised and conducted by trained personnel. A mouth swab is used to do the saliva drug test inside your cheek. The testing team observes you as you gather the sample on your own. The sample will be mixed with a test solution and delivered to a location for independent testing. Following that, the third party will inform Amazon of the findings.

You will have to submit to a urine test if you apply to work as an Amazon driver or for any other position covered by the Department of Transportation. This will often be a private test. You will take your sample while concealing your identity with a curtain or a portion of a door.

However, you will be compelled to retest, and the test will be watched if you are found tampering with a urine sample. You can tamper with a urine sample by removing pee and substituting it with synthetic urine, someone else’s urine, or something else.

Does Amazon Conduct Random Drug Tests?

You might be surprised that a drug test on first day of work is not the only drug test you will encounter once you get hired. Amazon conducts random drug tests. This implies that the business may conduct drug tests on its staff anytime. The business has a process in place for this. A certain number of employees from each company’s department will be chosen randomly. They will undergo drug testing to determine how clean the selected employees’ systems are. Since this is random, you don’t have time to prepare in advance or make an effort to pass the test.

However, this selection method also carries the risk that you won’t take any tests while working at Amazon. Given its randomness, it might not find you. Since hundreds of thousands of employees work for the organization, it is unlikely that everybody will be chosen. Although you could get chosen, the risk is low. Employees of Amazon claim they never worry about anything since they are not subjected to this test.

If you use a forklift, power equipment, or pallet truck at work and are involved in an accident, your chances of getting tested are high. This is a warning sign that you will need to take a drug test. As a result, Amazon’s willingness to conduct random drug testing is unassailable. It will always occur. Amazon fulfillment of random drug test will result in a drug-free working environment.

What Happens if You Fail the Drug Test at Amazon?

Failure to pass a drug test does not automatically exclude one from employment with Amazon. A corporate representative will call you if you fail your test due to benzodiazepines or opioids and request a copy of your prescriptions. You can get hired with no issues if you have a valid prescription for the medications. However, your application will be rejected without a prescription, and you will not get hired. You will not get a job if you test positive for a Schedule 1 substance like PCP.

Your worker’s compensation claim will be rejected if you file it but fail a drug test later. You will be subjected to a drug test if you are hurt at work. If the employer can show that your drug usage brought on your accident, you could lose employment. Your job could be terminated if you fail a random drug test.

However, there is some good news. You can immediately reapply if you have failed a marijuana test to get recruited by Amazon. There is no waiting period before you can reapply because they modified their policy on marijuana use. You must wait 120 days before submitting a new application if you fail a drug test due to the usage of a different substance.

What Drugs Does Amazon Test?

The business conducts drug testing for the most widely used substances, including opioids, marijuana, cocaine, and meth. But there is a possibility that they will conduct a 5- or 12-panel test, which tests for a larger spectrum of substances.

As the name implies, 12-panel drug tests look for 12 different kinds of drugs. This comprises:

  •       Amphetamines
  •       Barbiturates
  •       Benzodiazepines
  •       Cocaine
  •       Ecstasy
  •       Marijuana
  •       Methadone
  •       Opiates
  •       Oxycodone
  •       PCP
  •       propoxyphene
  •       Quaaludes

A 5-panel drug test is used to check for the presence of 5 different types of drugs, including:

  •       Amphetamines
  •       Cocaine
  •       Opiates
  •       PCP
  •       THC

Amazon regularly checks its staff for drugs. As you can see, alcohol tests are not included in the list. However, if it appears that an employee has consumed alcohol while at work, they may administer alcohol and drug testing.

Does Amazon Conduct Drug Test For Office Workers?

Amazon exclusively screens its warehouse staff for drugs. Corporate employees won’t be put to the test before or after employment. But don’t be complacent. If you use drugs or arrive at work high, Amazon can and will take action.

Cannabis is no longer tested for in Amazon’s extensive drug-testing program for jobs that are not subject to Department of Transportation regulations (DOT). This does not imply that companies permit employees to arrive at work while intoxicated.

But, it does mean businesses are no longer required to reject applicants who test positive for cannabis. Because the DOT regulates certain occupations, there are some exceptions to this rule for truck drivers and heavy equipment operators.

In addition to requiring a drug test before onboarding, Amazon may also do impairment checks while an employee works and test for drugs and alcohol, particularly after an incident.

Will Amazon Hire You If You Have a Medical Marijuana Card?

People often have a lot of questions about medical marijuana cards because they want to know what Amazon tests for when it comes to drugs. First of all, if you have a medical marijuana card, your employer can’t mistreat you because of it. Also, Amazon and most of their partners are getting rid of pre-employment THC testing, so having a medical marijuana card doesn’t matter.

Even if you have a medical marijuana card, you can’t use THC on the job or show up to work high.

Another popular question Amazon staff would be asking is that does Amazon drug test for weed. Since Amazon no longer fires people for smoking weed or eating edibles on their own time, keeping your employer’s trust and not showing up to work high is essential. If you cause problems at work that are thought to be caused by drugs, you might have to take an oral drug test at Amazon, and your medical card will not protect you from being disciplined or fired.

The same answer can be given when asked if Amazon will test delivery drivers for drugs in 2022. Amazon will not fire you if you use marijuana at home, even if you have a medical card. If you are a driver and they catch you being high on the job, you will lose your job, and maybe more.

Do Amazon Perform Drug Testing During COVID-19 Epidemic?

Finding, hiring, and retaining employees was incredibly challenging during the COVID-19 outbreak. One of the reasons Amazon and other businesses stopped testing for THC was this. The significant probability of COVID-19 transmission in saliva drug testing was another factor to consider. Drug testing decreased by 15% between 2019 and 2020, primarily because acquiring safe saliva samples was challenging. However, most businesses, including Amazon, are returning to routine testing as we transition from pandemic to epidemic.

How Long Does it Take to be Notified About the Drug Test Result?

The results of an Amazon drug test are available within 72 hours to 2 weeks. Most test results arrive in three days or less. You will be notified through email, and your application will automatically withdraw if you fail a pre-employment drug test. You can presume you passed if you get an orientation and training schedule. Does Amazon drug test at orientation? You don’t have to undergo another drug test during orientation.

Overall Conclusion

Does Amazon drug test new employees? This is one of the most significant queries many Amazon candidates have, and it is addressed in this article. They undergo drug testing at work, but this happens during the hiring procedure. You must clear the drug test to start working. However, you should not worry. You can successfully pass the test. All you have to do to be ready for your interview is abstain from drugs for 24 hours. Understanding Amazon’s policies is a must for employment there.

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