How to Quit

How to Quit

Quitting is easy, but staying quit is harder…this is why it is so important to prepare and plan to quit

Research shows that people who prepare to quit are more likely to stay quit.  Smokers that use both professional help and pharmacotherapy (patches, nicotine gum) are twice as likely to be successful.

  1. Pick a quit date
  2. Let your support system know that you’re quitting
  3. Throw away smoking cues such as lighters and ashtrays
  4. Clean items such as your clothing, furniture or car to remove smoking odors
  5. Make a list of reasons why you want to quit
  6. Identify your triggers & develop a coping strategy for each of them
  7. Set up rewards for quit milestones!

For more information about how to quit, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.

To combat cravings, practice the Four D’s:

  • Do something else
  • Delay having each cigarette
  • Deep breathing
  • Drink water

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