Clean Indoor Air Act

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About the Clean Indoor Air Act

In June 2008, Pennsylvania became the 28th state to adopt legislation prohibiting smoking in public places and most workplaces.  Exposure to secondhand smoke has been proven to cause premature death in children and adults.  Pennsylvania’s law includes numerous exceptions causing thousands of workers to continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke at work.

Current exemptions to the law include:
  • Bars with 20% or less revenue from food
  • Casinos (up to 50% of the gaming floor)
  • Hotel/Motels (up to 25% of rooms)
  • Private clubs and private residences
  • Tobacco Shops
  • Cigar Bars
  • Truck stops with shower facilities
  • Outdoor sports, recreational facility, theater or performance establishment
  • Tobacco manufacturer cigar exhibitions
  • Non-profit fundraisers that feature tobacco products
The map below depicts application based exceptions:

map of exceptions to nonsmoking establishments in PA

There is an interactive version of this map located here.

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