Tobacco Free Allegheny's programs follow the guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  These methods have been proven to be effective in reducing smoking among youth and adults by helping smokers quit, preventing youth from starting and by identifying and eliminating tobacco related health disparities.  Actions to eliminate nonsmokers exposure to secondhand smoke is also a key aspect of tobacco control programs.


Since 2003 there has been a significant decline in smoking prevalence among youth and adults, but there is still work to be done.


Get Involved!


Local Legislators: Make your voice heard! Contact your legislators; click here to find contact information for your local representative and senator.


There are a number of ways that you can support the work of Tobacco Free Allegheny in its efforts to reduce the burden of tobacco on our region.


Join our Coalition - TFA's Coalition is comprised of individuals from various sectors of our community who share a common interest in promoting health and preventing tobacco use.


Support Clean Indoor Air - Pennsylvania's current clean indoor air law has several exemptions that allow workers and patrons to be exposed to secondhand smoke.  These include: bars, with 20% of less revenue from food sales; casinos; private clubs; tobacco shops; cigar bars; and full service truck stops.  Only a comprehensive law with no exemptions can protect all Pennsylvanian's from the harms caused by secondhand smoke.  Legislation has been introduced in both the state Senate and House of Representatives that would strengthen the state CIAA law.  Use the link above to connect to the interactive tool to locate the state legislator serving you.


Report a CIAA violation - Pennsylvania's Clean Indoor Air Act (CIAA) makes it illegal to smoke in public places and most businesses.  There are however, a number of exceptions to the current law.  To read more about Act 27, click here.  Enforcement of the law is under the purview of the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Division of Tobacco Prevention and Control.

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