Why Quit Smoking


Only you can decide when to call it quits.


Maybe your doctor recommended you quit.  Maybe your kids are giving you a hard time.  The research is in.  Smoking causes cancer and disease in the body.  Nicotine changes the brain chemistry.  It is an addiction.  Maybe you think it doesn't really matter if you quit or you have plans to quit "someday."  What would it take for you to decide to quit?


Make a list of pros and cons of quitting.

Health Benefits Timeline


Although it may not feel like it, the body starts to recover and repair itself as soon as you put out the last cigarette.  View the chart below to see how quickly your body changes in response to eliminating the toxins from smoking.



20 Minutes 

 8 Hours

24 Hours

48 Hours 

2 to 12 Weeks

1 to 9 Months 

1 Year 

10 to 15 Years 

The air around you is no longer dangerous to children and other adults

Your blood pressure drops to normal

Your pulse rate drops to normal

The temperature of your hands and feet increases to normal

Carbon monoxide level in your blood drops to normal

Oxygen level in your blood increases to normal

Chance of heart attack decreases Senses of smell and taste improve

Circulation improves

Lung function increases up to 30%

Walking becomes easier

Coughing and sinus congestion decrease

Shortness of breath decreases

Overall energy increases

Lungs increase their ability to clean themselves and reduce infection

Risk of premature coronary heart disease falls by 50% Life expectancy comparable to people who never smoked


Save Money -


Saving money is often times a big motivator for people to quit tobacco.  A pack-a-day smoker could save over $2300 a year.  Click here to determine how much you spend on cigarettes- and how much you could save when you quit!


Quit For Love


Everyone benefits from your quitting.


The secondhand smoke from your tobacco habit impacts your children's health too.  Smoking outside may not be enough.  The amount of smoking-related toxins inside the home is 3 times higher than in homes where no one smokes.


The residue from tobacco smoke coats the walls, furniture, carpets, clothing and counters.  There are even detectable amounts of toxins in the dust around the home.


People aren't the only ones that suffere from the consequences of smoking.  Oftentimes people don't realize the impact of secondhand smoke on pets. Animals are breathing in secondhand smoke and experiencing cancer and respiratory problems, just like humans.


Quitting tobacco gives more back than just health.  Think of how much time you spend with your nicotine habit; from getting the cigarettes at the store, to smoke breaks, to thinking about the next smoke break, quitting can give you the freedom of having more time to do what you want to do.


Calculate how much time is spent on your tobacco habit.  What would you do with that time if you didn't smoke?


Every smoker has his or her own reasons for picking up that first cigarette. Stress at home. Stress at work. Social pressure. And every smoker eventually comes face-to-face with the decision to quit smoking…again for reasons of his or her own.


Breathing Room follows four real people – Anthony, “G”, Jordan and Sadeyah. Each from different backgrounds, each with their own unique story. Four people who share one common goal: to quit smoking.


The result is an intimate “all access” look at not only the difficult task of quitting, but also at how the decision to quit smoking affected each of their lives.


Click on the image below to learn more about Breathing Room.


Breathing Room

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