LGBTQA Health Conference

June 12-13, 2018

Poster Session Presentations:


Poster Presenter(s)

Title of Work

Adrian Shanker & Atticus Ranck

Smoke-Free Prides: For the health of our community

Dan LaVallee

LGBTQ Health @ UPMC Health Plan

L. Vish Stearns; E. Saltmarsh; V. Skinker; A. Bontempo; K. Schorr; N. Jones

Inclusion of underrepresented LGBT+ individuals in research

Sequeira G; El Nokali N; Levine M; Miller E; Austin SB; Rofey D

Early Effects of Initiating Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy on BMI in Transgender Adolescents and Young Adults

Hurford, M., Brar, J., Daub, S., Hutchison, S., & Brecht, J.

A behavioral health home to support tobacco cessation in vulnerable populations

Ryan Klingensmith

Creating Responsible Kids on Smart Phones

Melissa Barnhill, MPH & Casey Monroe, MSW

The Healthy Woman Program and The LGBT Community

Paige Williams, MPH; Thistle Elias, DrPH, MPA; Yuae Park, MA; Jennifer King, BA; Dana Yoder, MBA; Casey Monroe, MSW

Understanding Barriers to Lifestyle Change in Women Age 40-64

Bonnie K DeLozier; Nicole Klaus, Casey Monroe, MSW

Addressing Food Insecurities to Improve Health Outcomes

Charlie Borowicz, MPH, MSW

Transgender Patients and Barriers to Healthcare Access

Bill Krenz, BA; Gail Snyder, MPA; Judy Dillon MSN, MA, RN

LGBT: Time to Quit - The Last Drag!

Sarah Nelson, PharmD; Megan Bookser, PharmD, CTTS; Susan Harshbarger, RN, MSN, CTTS; Krista Mauro; Jamie McConaha, PharmD, NCTTP, BCACP, CDE

Bridging the Gap from Hospital to Home: The Provision of Nicotine Patches for Post-Discharge Smoking Cessation

Emmett Patterson, Gcert/BA

Not Your Average Sex Talk: Sex Ed Created by LGBTQ People for LGBTQ People

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