Tobacco Free Schools

Every day in the United States nearly 4,000 young people light up a cigarette for the very first time.  We all know about the physical ailments that tobacco use causes; cancer, heart disease, stroke, and respiratory illnesses.  Now there is new research that shows that nicotine also has devastating effects on the developing brains of children and teenagers and can be linked to brain damage, alcohol and other drug use and mental illness.


Adults that work with adolescents need to have the appropriate training and education that enables them to talk to young people about tobacco use in a way that provides a consistent message about the negative effects of tobacco use.


In 2008, Tobacco Free Allegheny published its 100% Tobacco Free Schools Toolkit as a resource that provides education, direction and support to those who work with and protect our children.


Student Assistance Programs - training and technical assistance


TFA partners with Addiction Medicine Services  (AMS) of WPIC, UPMC to provide consultation and technical assistance to schools as they address the state requirements for preventing tobacco use.  Utilizing the existing Student Assistance Programs (SAP) in schools, the AMS staff facilities the incorporation of tobacco issues into existing policies and procedures.  This effort assists schools to implement 100% tobacco free school policies that includes increased support for intervention and cessation services for youth who use tobacco products.  AMS staff is available to work intensively with schools on an individual coaching basis.  AMS staff can provide on-site training and technical assistance for SAP personnel as they revise school policies and procedures and revise SAP protocols around tobacco use.


For more information about SAP Trainings, please contact:


Addiction Medicine Services


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