Property Managers and Landlords

Property managers and landlords spend a lot of time and money on their properties.  Having a smoke-free policy is a way to keep their investments in good condition and reduce risk.  There are many benefits of a smoke-free policy.  It's just good business.


Mitigate Property Damage

  • It is 3x more expensive to clean an apartment where smoking was allowed vs. non-smoking.
  • Smoking results in smoke damage, residue on walls, A/C units, cleaning or replacing filters, carpets, curtains, blinds, counter tops, even appliances.
  • The same danger can occur in common spaces where smoking is allowed.
  • Litter from cigarette butts is unsightly and may decrease market value.

Reduce the risk of fire.


Smoking is the leading cause of fatal fires in residential buildings according to the U.S. Fire Administration.  Some insurance companies offer reduced rates to those with smoke-free properties.


Smoke-Free Policies are Legal.


Currently there are no Pennsylvania or Federal laws that prohibit a landlord from adopting smoke-free policies for their property.  Smoke-free policies are not discriminatory and may actually protect landlords from the risk of some legal violations such as warranty or habitability or covenant of quiet enjoyment.  Tenants with disabilities caused by or made worse by secondhand smoke may also have legal protection under the Americans with Disabilities Act or the Federal Fair Housing Act.


Provide an amenity and attract tenants.


About 80% of Pennsylvanians don't smoke.  Of those that do, 70% want to quit.  People have the right to breathe clean air.  Research also indicates the majority of people already have smoke-free rules in place in their homes, regardless of their smoking status.


For more information about how to implement a smoke-free policy in your properties, click here.



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