Clean Indoor Air Act

In June 2008, Pennsylvania became the 28th state to adopt legislation prohibiting smoking in public places and most workplaces.  Exposure to secondhand smoke has been proven to cause premature death in children and adults.  Pennsylvania's law includes numerous exceptions causing thousands of workers to continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke at work.  The map below depicts application based exceptions, there are numerous other venues exempt from the law by definition.  For an overview of Pennsylvania's Clean Indoor Air Act, click here.



The Pennsylvania Department of Health is the lead agency responsible for implementation and enforcement of the law.  In addition to the state Department of Health, two additional agencies are involved, the Bureau of Liquor Control enforcement (BLCE) and the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB).



Individuals can report a violation of the law directly to the state. Click here to file a violation report.

For more information about the Clean indoor Air Act click here to be directed to the Pennsylvania Department of Health website. 

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